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Jumbo markers

Designed specifically for the little ones at home, Jumbo markers are perfect for any child to learn how to colour. At Webcartucho we know how important they are and that's why we have prepared an exclusive selection for them. Find the Jumbo markers you need in our online shop.

Faber-Castell Felt Tip Jumbo (Box 12 pcs.)

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Faber-Castell Felt Tip Jumbo (Box 24 pcs.)

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Milan 641 Maxi (Box 12 Units)

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Milan 643 Maxi Magic (Box 8 Pcs. + 2 Pcs. Magic)

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Milan 640 Maxi Bicolour (Box 8 Units)

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Jumbo Felt Pens

Buy Jumbo markers at the best price online

Do you know exactly what Jumbo markers are, what their shape is like, their size? Don't worry, we'll tell you all about them. The main feature of Jumbo markers and the one that differentiates them from the rest is their large size. Their shape is usually round or octagonal which, together with their larger size, makes them the perfect markers for the youngest members of the household to learn to hold them correctly. As for the tip of this type of markers, it is usually conical and wide, as well as very resistant. It is practically impossible for the little ones to deform the tip of their Jumbo markers, believe us. No matter how much pressure they exert, they will not manage to deform it.

As you may have guessed, Jumbo markers are the perfect markers for children who are in the process of learning to write and draw, but only if they are over 3 years old. In addition to all the features we have mentioned above, you will also be interested to know that most of them are washable on virtually any fabric. Don't worry about any stains your kids may have, if they use Jumbo markers they have an easy solution!

At Webcartridge we have an extensive catalog of Jumbo markers, most of them from the popular brand MILAN. As they are designed to adapt to the needs of the smallest children, their sales format is usually the box or case where the most classic colors are included. Did you know that we have a format of this type of markers with two tips? One color on one side and the other on the other, your kids will love them!