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Book Covers

Protect all your books with the covers that you'll find at Webcartridge. Book covers are not only perfect for children's school books, they can also be used for notebooks and any other items that need protection from wear and tear. Get it in our online shop for the best price out there.

Apli Adjustable Book Cover 29 cm (5 Pcs.)

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Book Covers

Buy book covers at the best price online

September is here and with it the back to school. Towers and more towers of books to cover, right? We imagined it, but don't worry, in Webcartridge we offer quick and easy solutions. The book covers or book covers that you will find in our online store all come in roll format so you can use them depending on how much you need at any given time. We have two different types: adhesive and adjustable. In short, the first comes with the adhesive already incorporated and the second does not. How many meters of book cover do you need? Many or few? In any case, in our online store we have rolls of 1'5, 2, 3 and 5 meters. If you are going to cover many books, choose to buy the 5 meters, you will save money. It may seem that it is not necessary, but believe us when we tell you that books that are lined stand much better over time and the use by the little ones.

With book covers you can only cover books? Of course not, you can cover and protect any other product you want: folders, albums, TV remotes ... any item you have at home and want to keep protected!

Types of book covers that we have in Webcartridge

Did you think that at Webcartridge we only have one type of book cover? Of course not! We know that each of our customers have very different needs and what seems to be a real wonder to one, horrifies another. For this reason, we have selected the most popular book covers and those that are most commonly used today. We are sure you will find the one you are looking for here.

  • Adjustable book cover. Adjustable book covers are the most popular of all, those that are used with adhesive tape to secure them. Their operation is very simple: just take the size of the book, place it on it and go adjusting and fixing it with the tape. We are sure that on more than one occasion you have had to cover books with adjustable liners, right?
  • Adhesive book cover. Adhesive book covers are one of the most convenient and practical on the market. Just place the book on top, peel off the lining protector and stick it on little by little while you adjust it completely. You will not need anything else, with the adhesive book cover is enough. But be careful not to leave bubbles!