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Wax Paints

Find in Webcartucho the widest variety of classic wax paints. This type of paints are usually known for being used mainly during childhood, but they are also perfect for many professional drawing and painting techniques. Get in our online store your perfect wax paints at the best price!

Plastidecor Paints (Pack 6 Pcs.)

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BIC Kids Plastidecor (Blister 12 Pcs.)

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BIC Kids Plastidecor (Blister 18 Pcs.)

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BIC Kids Plastidecor (Blister 24 Pcs.)

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Faber-Castell Erasable Crayons (Box 12 pcs.)

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Faber-Castell Jumbo Erasable Coloured Crayons (Box 12 pcs.)

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Wax Paints

Buy wax paints at the best price online

Do you like to color your drawings with wax paints, do your children need them for back to school, do you use them in your craft classes? Don't waste any more time looking for them, in Webcartridge we have a great variety of them at the best price in the market. These paints are one of the most traditional that exist, who does not remember having a drawer full of wax paints when he was just 5 years old? If you want to remember old times, with these paints you will get it.

Normally, wax paints are usually associated with childhood, since they are the ones used by young children in their drawings. However, the reality is that they are also used by amateurs and professionals in the arts, and they have endless possibilities. Depending on the type and texture of the wax paint you choose, you can apply one technique or another. Let your imagination run wild and create a multitude of different effects with the wax paints that you will find in our online store.

At Webcartridge we have wax paints of several different brands, being Plastidecor, Milan and Faber-Castell the most popular. In addition, you can also choose from several different packs depending on how many units you want. We have them of 6, 12, 18 and 24 units so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Hard, soft, pastel... Which wax paints do you need?

Types of wax paints that we have in Webcartridge

What kind of wax paints do you need? Each of them is used for a different technique, so you must be clear about what you are going to use them for. At Webcartridge we have organized our catalog around the two most popular types of wax paints. Do you know what they are? Keep reading to find out!

  • Soft wax paints. Need to get your hands on some soft wax paints? Buy them at Webcartridge! This type of paints offer endless different possibilities and are used both by the smallest of the house, as well as by adults who are fond of arts and drawing. Find here the perfect soft wax paints for you.
  • Wax pastel paints. Wax pastel paints are very different from the ones you're used to seeing. They have different characteristics, offer other kinds of results and allow you to create effects that you couldn't achieve with traditional ones. If you want to get your oil pastel crayons at the best price, buy them in our online store, you will not find them cheaper anywhere else!