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Finger Painting

With the finger paints that you will find in Webcartucho the little ones of the house will be able to paint and colour in a much more fun way. With them they will develop their artistic expression, stimulate coordination and boost their self-esteem, among many other benefits. Do not hesitate, finger painting to color with your hands is a guaranteed success.

Milan Finger Paints 100ml (Box 6 Un.)

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Finger Paints

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Finger painting or finger painting, as it is popularly known, is one of the favorite crafts of the smallest of the house. Besides having fun, it has many other benefits. It fosters their imagination, stimulates their motor coordination and psychomotor skills, develops their tactile sensitivity and boosts their self-esteem, among many others. If you want your children to have fun doing an activity different from what they are used to do, buy them some finger paints! They have intense and bright colors, they can mix them to generate new colors and have fun playing with their own hands. Let them use them on paper, cardboard, wood, ceramic or plaster, finger paints are the perfect choice for their wide versatility!

Finger paints are completely safe for children to use, as they are specifically designed to be used with the hands and present no risk to the skin. They are non-toxic and, most of them, are free of major allergens. They are 100% washable and are easily removed from virtually any fabric and surface, including your own skin, with a little warm water. Of course, we recommend using the finger paint on children from 3 years old, before that age they will not know how to use them properly.

As usual in our online stationery catalog, MILAN is one of the most important brands in the finger paint section. At Webcartridge we give you the possibility to buy several colors together in pack or box format so that you have them all together in the same case. Either way, explore our selection of finger paints and get your favorites.