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Permanent Markers

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Are you going to write or draw on a surface other than paper, do you want your drawings to remain intact over time and resist liquids such as water or certain toxic substances? In that case, you will need a permanent marker. To write on a CD, to personalize your clothes, to mark tupperware that you are going to freeze, to make an endless number of crafts on different surfaces... Indelible markers have a lot of utilities.

Advantages of indelible markers? There are many of them. They allow writing on any type of surface, from a piece of clothing to a rock; they are resistant to liquids, light and toxic substances such as xylene; their ink remains intact and completely legible for a long time etc. We could list many more advantages of permanent markers, but these are the most important and relevant if you are thinking of getting one.

We recommend that, before buying your permanent markers, you have clear what you are going to use them for, how you want the line to be to select the appropriate tip thickness and in what color you want them. Once you have this clear, it will be much easier to choose the option that best suits your needs.

The best brands of indelible markers

The number of stationery brands that have permanent markers in their catalogs is very high. However, at Webcartridge we want to highlight two: Edding and Staedtler. Both are brands with extensive experience in the world of stationery and all their products have the highest quality and maximum guarantees. The most popular and the ones we are most used to seeing are Edding permanent markers. Their classic and iconic design that has remained intact over the years is one of the main reasons. In our online store we have them available in several different colors and tip thicknesses. As for the Staedtler brand permanent markers, these stand out for having a much finer tip than the previous ones, although you can choose from several different thicknesses.

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