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OKI Cartridges and Toner

OKI printers are used in the professional environment, in schools and in offices. At Webcartridge, we have consumable products for the vast majority of OKI printer models. They are all available in both original and compatible versions, the only difference between them being the price. Do you want to buy your OKI consumables for the lowest price? You'll get them here!

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OKI is a very popular printer brand in the workplace. Most OKI printers are used in offices and professional environments where print volumes are very high. We stock consumables for the vast majority of printer models in our online ink cartridge shop. Visit our website and find yours — we’ve have the lowest prices!

Buy cartridges and toners for OKI printers

You'll buy the OKI ink cartridges you need in our online ink shop. Do you prefer them compatible or original? Both options will give you excellent results, the only difference between them is the price — which is much lower in the case of the generic ones. Our advice is that if you do a high volume of printing and want to save some money, try OKI compatible cartridges. They are totally safe and 100% compatible with the printers they are designed for.

OKI compatible cartridges: quality and value for money

Do you own an OKI printer and want to save some money by buying consumables? With generic consumables, you’ll achieve this. These are cartridges that are not made by the printer manufacturer itself, but are fully compatible with the printer. Before being launched on the market, OKI compatible ink cartridges have passed a series of checks to ensure safety and optimal performance. In addition, and for your peace of mind, at Webcartridge we work with the best suppliers on the market. We strive to always offer the highest quality products to our customers and that is why we choose our OKI compatible ink suppliers very carefully. 

Genuine OKI ink cartridges 

Do you use original consumables in your OKI printer? Buy them for the for the lowest price in our online ink shop. Original ink cartridges are always a good choice because they are manufactured by the printer brand itself. They are much more expensive than compatible ones. Why? The reassurance they provide to customers. Nevertheless, we at Webcartridge can assure you that both original and compatible OKI consumables are totally safe and reliable. Both formats provide the highest quality results.

Toner and other consumables for OKI printers

Here you'll not only find ink cartridges, Webcartridge is much more than that. Among our product range, you'll find cartridges, toners, drum units and other OKI branded supplies. As always, they're available in both original and compatible versions to suit the specific needs of each of our customers. 

Frequently asked questions about OKI printer ink

At Webcartridge, we've answered the most frequently asked questions by our customers about OKI printer ink. Which cartridges does you printer take? or Why choose compatible consumables? are some of the questions that we have answered. Can't find the answer to your question? Write to us in the chat and we'll help you. 

It’s very easy to find out which cartridge your OKI printer needs. Simply enter its name in the OKI printer search tool on our website and all the compatible consumables will be displayed. You can also look up the name of your printer on the product pages of each consumable and check whether or not it is compatible with each of them. If you're still not sure, contact us via chat and we'll help you. 

Because they’re the cheapest option. OKI compatible ink is not produced by the printer manufacturer itself, so it is much more economical. In addition, OKI compatible ink cartridges are all in XL format, allowing you to print more Save on your consumables? You can with OKI generic cartridges. 

No, OKI compatible cartridges are totally safe to use in your printer. At Webcartridge, we only work with the best suppliers on the market and we can guarantee that all our compatible ink cartridges are 100% safe. Please note that before being released onto the market, they have been subjected to a series of checks to verify that they work correctly and are compatible with the printer for which they have been designed. If you’d like to know more, we have a post in our blog that goes into more detail about the reasons why you should trust a compatible cartridge.

The "Toner Sensor" error is a fairly common problem with OKI printers, usually due to excessive dirt build-up. This is easy to resolve; simply clean the metal plate that the light reflects off of. In our blog we explain step by stephow to fix "Toner Sensor" error in OKI printer.