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Cases, backpacks or briefcases are just some of the different textile accessories that we have at your disposal in Webcartucho. Perfect for children or adults, for school or the office, in our online store we have textile items for every member of the family. Get yours at the best price, only here.

Pencil Cases

Textile Accessories

Buy textile products for school and office

School and office textile accessories are just as important as the rest of the products you use in your classes or for work. How are you going to carry your documents without them, where do you plan to store all your writing and drawing tools? Without the products we are talking about, everything would be much more cumbersome. Cases, briefcases, backpacks, document holders... The variety of accessories and textile accessories for school and office that we have in Webcartridge is very extensive. The most important are probably the cases, because they are those that are most used.

Any school and office textile accessory or complement you need, we have it here. Take a look at our selection, you'll see how many items we have at your disposal!

What products you will find in our "Textile" section?

In this category of our online store we have a wide variety of textile products for school, educational and office use. All of them have been designed to keep and store books, notebooks, documents and any other writing products such as pencils, pens or markers. What exactly do you need? Explore our selection, maybe you will find the school or office textile accessory you are looking for.

  • Cases. Do you need a case to store all your pens, markers, pencils and other materials you use for writing and coloring? Buy it at Webcartridge! In our online store you will find a wide selection of pencil cases of different colors, brands and sizes. Take a look at our catalog, we are sure you will find the perfect one for you.