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Sublimation Printing Mugs

Photos, quotes, movie posters... be as original as you like. We provide the perfect mugs and pitchers for sublimation printing and personalising as you wish. Ceramic, in a variety of sizes, with different types of handles and in a range of designs — but they’re all the best value for money on the market.  

Sublimation Printing Mugs Sublimation Inks Cartridges for Epson Sublimation Paper Cartridges for Ricoh Cleaning Products
Magic Mug for Sublimation 350 ml

VAT included

Sublimation Mug with Spoon 350 ml

VAT included

Sublimation Mug Heart Handle 300 ml

VAT included

Beer Mug for Sublimation Printing 575 ml

VAT included

Beer Mug for Sublimation Printing 720ml

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Sublimation Printing Mugs

Your niece blowing you a kiss, your dog jumping up to catch a ball, your company's logo or a group photo to commemorate that last trip with your friends. There are images that we would like to erase forever and others that we would like to have in front of us every morning. We have the best sublimation printing mugs for the latter! Ceramic mugs and pitchers, in a variety of sizes, with different types of handles and in a range of designs — but they’re all the best value for money on the market. Choose the one you like the most and print your favourite photo on it.

Are you looking for mugs for sublimation printing at the lowest price?

Mugs for sublimation are very popular nowadays due to the fact that they may be customized and adapted for every individual’s taste. Whether you're a professional sublimation printer or you're thinking of creating your own designs at home, you'll find what you're looking for at Webcartridge.

In addition, demand for sublimation printing in general, which has already seen considerable growth in recent times, is expected to skyrocket and increase at an annual growth rate of 16.8% until 2024.

What is mug sublimation printing?

Sublimation is a printing technique that allows you to personalise different products by printing a photographic image or text on them.. And the mug is the personalisable product par excellence! To print onto a mug, you need a dye sublimation printer (these are always inkjet printers), dye sublimation ink (only use the dye sublimation printer with dye sublimation ink, if used with normal ink it won't work!), dye sublimation paper, thermal adhesive tape and a heat press for mugs.

Now for the most important bit: the design and the mug. And here, we have some great news: there are no limits when it comes to the design. Choose your favourite comic book character, an inspirational phrase, a golden grouse, Boris Johnson or your partner's smiling face — whatever you like! However, not just any mug will do. It must be sublimation-ready, and have a high-quality, uniform finish for optimal and long-lasting results. It should also be preferably white. This ensures that the colour of the design doesn't blend in with the colour of the mug.

Sublimation mugs as gifts

Personalised mugs using sublimation printing make original, fun and unique gifts. Photos, phrases, movie posters... this technique guarantees a long-lasting result that won't be erased by washing or microwaving the mug. Choose your favourite mug at Webcartridge, customise it and make it really special!

Frequently asked questions about sublimation mugs

Which mugs are suitable for sublimation, what do you need to sublimate a mug, at what temperature and for how long should they be sublimated? Too many unanswered questions, right? Don't worry, at Webcartridge we tell you everything you need to know about sublimation mugs.

Not all mugs on the market are suitable for sublimation. Sublimation mugs must be prepared for sublimation and must have special characteristics. They must be made of polymer or have a polymer coating to be suitable for sublimation.  

To sublimate a mug you will need: a sublimation printer, sublimation ink and paper, a thermal tape, a thermal iron and the mug itself to sublimate. If you want more information, in our blog you will find a post about how to sublimate mugs where we tell you everything you need and how to do it step by step. 

Normally, mugs are sublimated at a temperature of 180 degrees.

As a general rule, mugs are usually sublimated for approximately 180 seconds.