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Correction products

Do you need a correction product to fix those little mistakes you make while writing or drawing? We have the widest variety of correcting products on the market at Webcartridge. Available in tape or liquid format, you can choose from an infinite number of types, sizes, shapes and brands. Find yours in our online store for the best price!

Correction Tape Correction Fluid Corrector Pens
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Tipp-Ex Rapid

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Tipp-Ex Shake'n Squeeze

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Tipp-Ex Mini Shake'n Squeeze

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Tipp-Ex Easy Correct

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Tipp-Ex Microtape Twist

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Paper Mate NP10

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Correction Products

Buy ink correctors at the best price

Do you usually write with a ballpoint pen and need to make corrections while writing? Ink correctors are the perfect solution to correct any small mistake you make in your writing and thus avoid the crossings out that all they do is smudge and stain the documents.

Without a doubt, Tipp-Ex is the most popular brand of proofreaders of all and represents almost our entire portfolio of proofreaders. Its revolutionary solutions to spelling mistakes were a turning point in writing with a ballpoint pen or felt-tip pen. In our online store we have available all the formats with which the brand counts: correctors in ribbon, liquids and correcting pens.

Everything has a solution and the mistakes you can make while writing can be easily eliminated with a liquid or ribbon corrector. Buy yours at Webcartridge, we have the best prices online!

Types of proofreaders that we have in Webcartridge

One, two and even three different types of ink correctors we have in Webcartridge. One of our main goals is to be able to offer each and every one of our customers the perfect product for them. For this reason, we strive to develop comprehensive catalogs that have the widest possible variety. This is the case of the writing correctors, where we have three different alternatives: tape, liquid or pen correctors? Read carefully the characteristics of each one and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Tape concealers. Tape concealers have the great advantage of not having to wait for them to dry before you can continue writing. If you are one of those who bet on this option, in Webcartridge we have several alternatives at your disposal. Do you want to get them at the best price? Buy them in our online store, you will not find them cheaper.
  • Liquid concealers. Liquid concealers are the most traditional and the first to appear. Their main advantage is that, having a brush or brush, they adapt to all correction needs, from the smallest details to the widest surface. Buy in Webcartridge your liquid concealer and make all the corrections you need!
  • Corrector pens. Did you know that correction pens are the most widely used pens nowadays? The convenience of use and accuracy when making corrections are the main reasons for its success. At Webcartridge we have correction pens from several different brands, the most popular being Tipp-Ex and Paper Mate. Come in and get yours!