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Filing and Folders

Always have your files and documents in perfect order with the binding, sorting and filing products that we have available in this section of our online store. Whether for school, college or work, always having your notes and documents in order is definitely recommended. Find everything you need at Webcartridge.

Book Covers

Files and Folders

Buy binding and sorting material at the best price online

Do you need binding and sorting material? Buy it in our online store, we have a multitude of products at your disposal! Since we focus on school and office supplies, book covers are one of the most important items we have in this category. But there is much more, of course. Explore our "Binding and Sorting" section and get everything you need. With these materials everything will be much more comfortable, you'll see.

The binding and classification material has the objective of protecting and keeping in order all the documents and files, in physical format, that you use in your day to day. Class books and notes, monthly invoices, bank papers and other monthly bills to be paid, employee employment contracts, any paper you need to have sorted, filed and classified! As you can see, this section is not only and exclusively for professionals working in an office, but also students will find products that will be really useful.

What will you find in our "Binding and Sorting" section?

What products can you find in our "Binding and Classification" section? Well, these are all those materials that will allow you to bind and classify documents, files, books, notebooks and other items with which you work on a daily basis. So that you have no doubt, below, we detail each of the binding and classification materials that you can find in our online store.

  • Book covers. September is coming and you need to cover your children's school books? Don't worry, here you will find what you need. In this section of our online store we have at your disposal the best book covers on the market, from the best brands and at the best prices. In Webcartridge we have book covers of two different types: adhesive and adjustable. You'll also be able to choose how many meters you want the roll to be: 1.5, 2, 3 or 5 meters? Take a look at our selection!