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Paper Clips and Drawing Pins

Find in this category of our online store a wide variety of clips, pins and clips. Always have your most important documents well organized and in sight with the clips, pins and clips that we have in Webcartridge. The best quality and the best prices online, only here.

Umec Drawing Pins (50 un.)

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Umec Drawing Pins (100 un.)

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Umec Push-Pins (30 Units)

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Milan Metallic Plastic-coated Drawing Pins (Box 70 units)

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Milan Push Pins (Box 30 pcs.)

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Milan Coloured Paper Clips 33 mm (Box 100 Units)

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Q-Connect Metal Clamp nº 1 (19 mm)

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Q-Connect Metal Clamp nº 2 (24 mm)

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Q-Connect Metal Clamp nº 3 (32 mm)

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Q-Connect Metal Clamp nº 4 (42 mm)

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Q-Connect Metal Clamp nº 5 (51 mm)

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Paper Clip, Drawing Pins and Tweezers

Buy paper clips at the best price online

Clips are small metal objects with a clip-like mechanism that allow you to group several documents together without stapling or binding them. They are the perfect solution if you want to join several papers or documents only temporarily and then divide them again. In addition, paper clips also have another benefit and that is that they do not leave any kind of mark on the paper. How many times have you removed the staples from a set of files and they broke? This is the reason why so many paper clips are used in schools and offices, because of the ability to leave documents intact despite handling them.

One of the most popular brands of paper clips, at least in our online catalog, is MILAN. We have the classic metallized clips and another option in which they are coated with brightly colored plastics. In addition, we also have them available in several different sizes, the most common being 28, 33 and 43 mm.

Buy thumbtacks at the best price on Webcartridge

The thumbtacks or tacks are a fastening element with a small spike and a fastening head that are used to fix documents on cork boards and walls. Its main use is that, to fix sheets of paper on cork, although they can also be used to hang ornaments, make crafts and many more things. We can divide thumbtacks into two different types: flat head thumbtacks and American thumbtacks. The former, as their name suggests, have a flat head, while the latter are cylindrical and are much easier to hold.

The best brands of thumbtacks? At Webcartridge, two stand out above all: UMEC and MILAN. Both are very reputable brands in the stationery sector and have high quality products. Their designs coincide in their striking colors and are almost always red, green, blue, yellow and white.

Buy tweezers at the best price online

Just like paper clips, clips are a fastening tool that allows you to temporarily attach notes and documents. But in addition, the clips that you will find in Webcartridge are so versatile that they can have other uses, for example, to decorate a wall with photos or to close food packages.

Perfect for properly organizing your papers at home, in the office or at school, the paper clips you will find on our website are resistant and are available in different sizes: 19 mm, 24 mm, 32 mm, and 51 mm.

Best clamp brands? One of our favorites is Q-Connect, a company that supplies all kinds of stationery products and computer accessories with the best quality-price ratio.