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Micro USB Cards

In this section of our online store, you'll find storage cards that are specifically designed for tablets and smartphones. These cards are designed to ensure that your devices perform at the highest speeds possible. The best quality guaranteed — simply choose according to your needs. Get your micro USB card for the lowest price — only at Webcartridge.

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Transcend microSD UHS-I 8GB

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Kingston microSDXC (With Adapter) - 128GB U3

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Kingston microSDXC - 128GB U3

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Micro USB Cards

Buy mciroSD memory cards at the best price online

MicroSD cards are a small plate (the smallest of all, to be exact) on which data can be stored. In addition, and in some cases, they can also be used as internal memory. Do you know why microSD cards appeared? Many of today's devices were not compatible with the rest of the SD cards due to their large size. MicroSD cards measure only 15x11x1 mm, they are incredibly small!

The use of microSD cards is widespread and are one of the most widely used today due to the modernity of the devices that we usually have. In cell phones, Tablets, GPS systems and many other devices, only this type of card is suitable. In terms of efficiency and profitability, they are exactly the same as the others, its size does not influence at all.

Capacities of the microSD cards that we have in Webcartridge

At Webcartridge we have a perfect microSD card for each of our customers, whatever your needs are, do you want it with little or a lot of memory capacity? In our online store we have them in 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB. They go from larger to smaller capacity, so the 8GB is the smallest we have and the 128 GB is the largest.