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Chalk and Chalk Holders

Do you need chalk or chalk holders? At Webcartucho we have a wide selection where we are sure you will find what you are looking for. We have chalks in different colors, in packs and a variety of chalk holders perfect for teachers, among others. Get it at the best price in our online store.

Chalk Holders White Chalk Coloured Chalk Jumbo Chalk
Milan White Chalk (Box 10 Pieces)

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Milan Coloured Chalk (Box 10 Pieces)

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Milan Dustproof Chalks White (Box 10 Pieces)

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Milan Dustproof Chalk Colours (Box 10 Pieces)

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Milan Maxi Dustproof Chalk (Box 6 Pieces)

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Milan Metallic Chalk Holder

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Chalk and Chalk Holders

Buy chalk and chalk holders at the best price online

Remember when at school your teachers gave the class with the help of a blackboard and a pair of chalks? Well, even today, there are still many places where it is done this way and there is nothing better than the traditional method to teach and have fun at the same time. If you are one of those who prefer to continue using chalks, painting on blackboards and making endless drawings on the asphalt, this category of our online store is the one for you.

Chalk is a kind of white clay arranged in the form of small sticks that are used to paint on blackboards, make drawings easy to wash and a multitude of other things. In the past they were used like this, without any other product, the chalk itself was enough. Times have changed and, obviously, have been appearing objects that make life much more comfortable. In this case, we are talking about the chalk holders, a product that serves to be able to use the chalk without staining and without having to be in contact with them. The operation is very simple and just insert a chalk in the chalk holder and adjust it as you need more or less. This object is really useful and the vast majority of people who work with chalk always have one at hand.

Without a doubt, Milan is the most popular and important brand in our extensive chalk catalog. It is one of the most famous brands in the world of stationery and its variety of products is very wide. As for the chalk, they market different types: traditional white, colored and Jumbo. Which ones are you looking for?

Types of chalks that we have in Webcartridge

At Webcartridge we care about offering each and every one of our customers the perfect product for them, what they are looking for and need. We do it in the vast majority of categories of our online store and the chalks were not going to be less. Did you really think that there is only one type of chalk? Pay attention because below, we leave you all the types of chalks that we have available.

  • White chalks. The classic and popular white chalks are the most sold of all. Do you think they are only used in traditional blackboards in schools, colleges and other training centers? Nothing could be further from the truth, there are many children who use them to make crafts or draw on stones, roads and other surfaces. In addition, white chalks have many other uses in everyday life. Do you want to get them at the best price? Buy them at Webcartridge!
  • Colored chalks. Colored chalks are exactly the same as white chalks and their only difference is in the color. Yellow, red, blue, green... What color do you want your colored chalks to be? In Webcartridge we have them available in packs where you can have all the colors you need.
  • Jumbo chalks. Jumbo chalks are large chalks designed to be used by the smallest of the house. They are usually very brightly colored and are perfect for writing, painting and coloring on blackboards, roads and many other surfaces. If you want to buy Jumbo chalks for your children at the best price, you're in the right place, at Webcartridge we have the cheapest prices on the market!

Frequently asked questions about chalks and chalk holders

Yes, believe it or not, chalks are still used. In Webcartridge we want you not to be left with any doubts and for this reason we have given answers to the most frequently asked questions about chalks and chalk holders. Do you know why it's better to use a chalk holder? Find out with our help!