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Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are perfect for taking notes or having important information in sight at all times. In our online store we have a wide variety of sticky notes or post-it notes, as they are popularly known. The advantage of this material is that you can stick your notes on any surface without having to resort to any other material.

Post-it Notes Photo Paper Electra Paper
Post-It 654 (76x76 mm) (x100)

VAT included

Post-It 655 (76x127 mm) (x100)

VAT included

Post-It 656 (51x76 mm) (x100)

VAT included

Post-It 657 (76x102 mm) (x100)

VAT included


Post-it Notes

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Sticky notes are small sheets of paper that contain a narrow strip of glue on the top so they can be stuck to different surfaces. They are used to take notes, make a shopping list, highlight important information within a set of several documents or leave a note to someone on the fridge. The uses of sticky notes are endless and are suitable for both school or work environments as well as for home use. Their color par excellence is yellow, but nowadays you can find them in a multitude of colors, including the so fashionable pastel shades. The sales format is usually the sticky note block, a set of several units where the notes are peeled off as needed.

At Webcartridge we have a wide variety of sticky notes or pos-it, as they are popularly known. You can choose from a multitude of different shapes and sizes. The most sold are the ones with square shape, but we also have them with rectangular shape, vertically elongated, horizontally elongated... In short, several different alternatives so you can buy the set of sticky notes that best suits your needs.

The best brand of sticky notes? Pos-it, hands down. Such is their importance that virtually no one refers to these little sheets of paper as sticky notes, but rather refer to them directly as "pos-it".

Want to remember next week's doctor's appointment, warn your parents that you're not going to lunch today, create a reminder for that all-important meeting at the office? You need to have a set of sticky notes at hand. In our online store we have them at the best price on the market!