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Punches and mats

At Webcartridge you will find all kinds of punches and mats suitable for their age and that will turn the activity of cutting by chopping into one of their favorites. Come in and choose.

Faibo Plastic Punch Steel Tip 10 cm (25 Pcs.)

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Faibo Wooden Punch Steel Tip 7 cm (25 Pcs.)

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Faibo Plastic Awl Thick Tip Green/Blue (25 Pcs.)

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Liderpapel Rubber Punch Mat 25x20 cm (4 Pcs.)

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Punches and mats

Buy Punches and Mats at the Best Price on Webcartridge

Punches and mats, widely used during the early years of school, are perfect for cutting shapes and letters in a fun way and also help the little ones work on coordination, concentration, and creativity. Being a rhythmic and dynamic activity, the punching technique is a classic in preschool classrooms for decades.

At Webcartridge, you will find all kinds of punches and mats suitable for their age, making the activity of cutting through punching one of their favorites.

Types of Punches and Mats You'll Find at Webcartridge

In this category, you will find punches of different sizes (10 cm, 7 cm) with a plastic body in various colors and a thick plastic tip, with a steel tip, and even with a plastic body that imitates wood. You can also get sturdy rubber mats in various bright colors. Enter and choose. At Webcartridge, we trust Faibo and Liderpapel crafts products.