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SD Cards

At Webcartridge we have a wide range of SD cards available. They are specially designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for extra storage on devices such as digital cameras. Extremely reliable cards to store all your files and your memories. Get your SD card for the lowest price at Webcartridge.

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Transcend SD - 2GB

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Transcend microSD UHS-I 8GB

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SD Cards

Buy SD cards at the best price online

Do you need to have extra storage on your mobile, tablet or camera, do you want to be able to save all your files and have them always safe? In Webcartridge we have it. We are talking about SD cards, removable memory cards that are used to store digital information of any nature. Documents, programs, photos, presentations... anything you want to save! SD cards were designed for that, to be able to expand the capacities of all kinds of portable devices and the vast majority of users have several of them.

When buying an SD memory card you must be clear about what device you want to use it in and how much capacity you need. It is not the same if you are going to use it in your desktop computer than in your latest generation Smartphone; just as it is not the same if you want to store only a couple of files than all the documents of your last project, for example. Another factor to take into account is the data transmission speed, which can range from 2 MB/s to 30 MB/s, referring to the write speed. Think this is not an important factor? Try recording videos in 4K and high quality, you'll see how it is.

Types of SD cards that we have in Webcartridge

At Webcartridge we have several different types of SD cards in terms of brand and capacity is concerned. Let's go by parts. If we focus on brands, Transcend is the most popular in our online catalog. It focuses on digital storage solutions and multimedia products and is one of the world leaders in this sector. In terms of capacity, you can get your SD memory cards from 2GB to 64GB. In addition, depending on the device in which you are going to use them, you can also choose the type, because we have SD and MicroSD cards. The difference? Only the size of the card itself, being the micro the smallest of all, 15x11 mm to be exact. Our recommendation? Be clear about the device for which you need the SD memory card and then choose the one that is suitable for it.