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Jumbo Coloured Pencils

Jumbo coloured pencils are perfect for children to learn to draw and colour. Recommended by most experts in teaching and learning for children, Jumbo coloured pencils are a reference in almost all schools and colleges. Get yours at Webcartucho at the best price.

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Jumbo Coloured Pencils

Buy Jumbo coloring pencils at the best price online

Are your children learning to color, does a box of Jumbo colored pencils appear on the list of school supplies? Buy them at Webcartridge, we have the best options on the market! The Jumbo coloring pencils have been specifically designed for the little ones in the house to learn to color and paint. They have a much larger size than the traditional ones, a triangular or hexagonal shape that facilitates the correct grip of the pencil and a very thick lead that makes it much more resistant to the strong pressures of children. The Jumbo colored pencils are perfect for any child to learn to color. Bet on them!

MILAN is the most important brand in our selection of Jumbo colored pencils. You can choose whether you want them in the classic cardboard box or in a much more resistant and elegant metal box that you can reuse to store anything else. You can also choose the size of the box: 12, 24 or 36 units? Choose according to how many colors you want to have, taking into account that the more units, the more colors and more special shades. In any case, all the packs of Jumbo colored pencils come in the main and most traditional colors.

Are you interested in Jumbo products that make it easier for little ones to learn to write, draw and paint? At Webcartridge we also have Jumbo pencils, Jumbo markers and Jumbo scissors.