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3D printed food? The first restaurant in the world to prepare it.

Rosa García Comments 0
Imagen de 3D printed food? The first restaurant in the world to prepare it.
03 Apr

We often talk about 3D printers. This is due to its cutting-edge technology that is developing in different international markets. There are several researches on space, architecture, science and now food. This was the case of the restaurant Food Ink.

Can you imagine eating an entire menu made with a 3D printer? Now it is possible. Although it could be a laboratory, this restaurant was synonym of culinary innovation. Food Ink served only 3D printed food

All this innovation was made in front of the clients. Not only the food was made with a 3D printer, but the furniture as well.

This place brought together architects, artists, chefs, designers and engineers.

They offered several dishes at 300 €. After its success, the restaurant made a world tour.

The 3D printing is revolutionizing the entire world. In fact, there are some researches that believe this could be the key to fight hunger. How do you imagine the food in the future? Do you think 3D printers can help in other fields? Tell us what you think.

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