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Cheap Ink Cartridges

Cristina García Comments 0
Imagen de Cheap Ink Cartridges
22 May

There are many rumours and speculations about ink and cartridges. But it is extremely important to know ink cartridge performance in order to understand the product you are buying.

All the ink cartridges are to be used for the first time

We always should know what we buy: some cartridges are tagged as compatible or remanufactured. Regarding the latter, cartridges are produced by the original print manufacturer, such as HP, Brother or Dell. By means of an industrial process, the cartridges are cleaned and all the pieces that need to be substituted are changed and replaced. In contrast, compatible cartridges are produced by white label suppliers. That means these are new products, and not reused cartridges.

Ink cartridges last longer than toners

In all but a few models, this statement is false: toners use print powder while cartridges use liquid ink. You should notice that ink is a more valuable product so if you need to make many copies it would be more recommendable to use a toner printer.

Ink cartridges cannot be refilled

This affirmation is false; in fact, many companies provide refill kits. However, the available cartridges in WebCartridge do not have this system since all our products are industrially-produced and this fact implies better results. Besides, after comparing the price of our consumables with the corresponding kit, it is easy to see that it is not worth.

If you want to save your money on printing, it is of the utmost importance to check the price of the consumables before purchasing a printer. Many manufacturers offer low cost printers but then the expenses are compensated thanks to selling expensive cartridges. In addition, it is quite important to check the number of copies per cartridge to verify the real price of it. Another key factor lies in the compatible cartridge purchase: even if the manufacturers try to discredit them, our customers’ results are more than satisfactory.

In WebCartridge, we effort on offering the highest quality at the best price for all our products. To do so we also offer a complete quality service. We always work with trustworthy providers who meet the highest quality standards.

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