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Big Notebooks

In Webcartridge we have a wide selection of large notebooks. To give you an idea, these are usually DIN A4 size, the classic white sheet that is used in printers and most of the documents of the day to day. We have them in various colors and different page layouts so you can choose the large notebook that best suits your tastes and needs.

Big Notebooks

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Large notebooks are those that have a size of DIN A4 or larger. They are the most used nowadays, since their measures are usually those of standard folios. For the little ones to do their homework and drawings, for students to take notes of their classes, to keep track of the expenses of an office... Large notebooks do not have a specific target audience, they are for everyone and for any activity. As we said before, sare the most widespread today and, although the digital world has established itself strongly in our day to day, there are many users who still continue to use large notebooks in their day to day. Most of them? In schools, colleges and other training centers.

Lamela is the most popular brand in our large notebook category. As we mentioned earlier, these are the size of an A4 sheet and, depending on the type, have lines or are gridded with different millimeters. It is a brand that specializes in teaching writing to the little ones, hence its success. Get in Webcartridge your large notebooks Lamela brand, we have the best prices!