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Gel Pens

The ink in gel pens is thicker than in standard ballpoint pens because the pigments and dyes are contained within a viscous solution. This feature means that these rollerball pens leave a larger amount of ink after each stroke.

Gel Pens

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Gel pens are, without a doubt, the most used of all. Some of the differentiating characteristics of this type of pens are that they have a much more intense color and a more defined stroke. Their ink is denser and more opaque than that of other types of pens, the writing more visible and, in addition, it looks much better on papers that are of a dark color.

Do you know what are the advantages of gel pens? Pay attention, because we are going to tell you some of the most important ones. Their ink has a greater consistency, which makes the amount of ink deposited on the paper is greater and the writing is more visible. Do you know what is its best advantage? Gel pens do not transfer the ink to the paper! Don't worry, no matter how much you trace or how thin the paper is, we assure you that the ink will not transfer.

Best gel pen brands?We couldn't settle on just one. Bic, Pilot and Uni- ball are some of the most important in our extensive catalog. As always, at Webcartridge we have a multitude of different options at your disposal. In addition to the brand, you can also choose the color, tip thickness and shape of your gel pen. Did you know that we also have them in glitter? Yes we do! Explore our wide selection and get the perfect one for you.