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Which are the strangest and craziest printers on the market?

Which are the strangest and craziest printers on the market?

In the world everything seems to be already invented and we can actually think that it is true, but in the printing world still much remains to be discovered. There are actually a lot of curious printers, indeed we did not know about the existence of many of them. This time we are laying aside the conventional printers and we are going to talk about the most curious printers on the market.

Up until now the most striking and innovative thing could be the 3D printers, but for what we are dealing today here with, they fall short. Did you know that you can print anything onto your nails? Did you know that there are streets that are literally printed? And that your toasts can stop being boring by creating drawings on them? Let's meet some of the most curious printers in the world.

  • Zuse Toast Printer: your toasts can be the most famous among your friends and relatives. You can print drawings on the toasts, images with a resolution of 12 x 12 pixels on your bread. Do you like it? We are sorry to tell you that it is not on the market yet. The good news is that it will be soon.
  • EggDrawer: with this printer, the eggs you buy are the only ones to be customized. The device uses a sort of a marker that draws on the shell.
  • Barbie Fingernail Printer: ideal for the nail polish lovers. Several drawings and patterns that can be printed onto your nails by just pressing a button. Before printing a drawing, remember to apply nail polish base coat and wait for 15 to 20 seconds. The perfect gift for a teenager.
  • Tiger Stone: Did you know that streets can literally be printed on the pavement? This printer saves a lot of work! The problem is that it is not portable.  Based on a Dutch project, the idea is to replace the paint trucks by pre-forms that are interlocked with one another and glued to the floor.

These are some of the craziest and most curious printers that are on the market or will be soon. However, there are many more, as currently tests are run in order to print organs of human body, to print cable or even to print labels with letters.

In the printing world there is still a lot to invent, but we cannot deny that the existing devices are very curious. We are aware of the trends that are about to come to the world of the strangest printers, but how will it be all that we still neither know nor expect?

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