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Where do I need to place my printer at work according to Feng shui?

Where do I need to place my printer at work according to Feng shui?

Have you ever heard about Feng shui? The laws of order, Yin and Yang, the search of peace and calm. Do you know you can apply all this to your office to grow in motivation and imagination? Do you know where you need to place your printer to achieve it? Yes, even knowing where to place your printer is important for a quality working life.

But not only that, other factors such as the environment, the colours or your location are equally important. On this article we give you some tips to obtain a proper environment at your work place.

  • Plants: whenever possible try to put some flowers or plants near you. All natural products help to create good energies around you.
  • A great lighting: it is always best to work with natural light rather than artificial light. So, if you have windows at your work place, try to use that light. Remember that natural light cheers us up and makes us more productive.
  • Organization: it’s better to have your desk well organized without unnecessary things. Organizations helps us see things with clarity and, therefore, to grow professionally. You must have a functional desk to recharge yourself with positive vibes. That's why it is recommended to have rectangular wooden desks instead of L or U-shaped tables.
  • Technological devices: the Feng shui helps us on this field as well. It is not a surprise to have our cell phone, telephone, printer or other devices around us. How do we need to place the printer? Ideally, it has to be as closest as possible. That way we won’t need to stand up and we would be more comfortable. It this is not possible, it’s better to have it behind us or at our side. The more devices we have, the more plants we need to have around us to counteract the effect of electricity.

Remember that to be in inner peace helps you in all areas of life, especially if you work with electronic devices. It is important to bear in mind these tips to grow professionally, be creative and positive.

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