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Do you know LED printers? How does their technology work?

Do you know LED printers? How does their technology work?

Are you thinking about buy a new printer and cannot decide which one? Have you considered getting a LED printer? This new technology is a breakthrough in the world of printers. How does LED printing work? What is its basis?  

To get to know LED printing technology a little bit, we need to take laser printers into account as well. They are very similar in some ways, but very different in others, and LED printers are also considerably more environmentally friendly.

The first thing you need to know is that the printing mechanism used by LED printers is very similar to the one used by laser devices: they both work with a photosensitive imaging drum that transfers the toner to the paper to create the printed image. However, instead of using a laser beam and a mirror system, LED printers use multiple light-emitting diodes to electrically charge the areas of the drum toner powder must attach to.

What defines LED printers?

  • Printing quality: the excellent printing quality of these printers may not be immediately obvious, but it is easily noticeable when printing texts in small, fine letters. They provide a more accurate finish.  
  • Eco-efficiency: these printers so they environmentally friendly since they do not generate ozone emissions. This is due to the fact that they do not ionize air and also because their LED light beams get faster to the drum.
  • Reduced size: the LED plate and the power source that these printers are equipped with are exceptionally small, which enables manufacturers to create more compact devices. Thanks to their reduced size you will also be able to have one of these printers at your own home.
  • Long-lasting toner cartridges: LED printing technology is more precise, so it draws less toner to the imaging drum, which means that the cartridges last longer. You will achieve better resolutions while saving on supplies.

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