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How to reset the drum counter on Brother DR-2000

How to reset the drum counter on Brother DR-2000

If after replacing the DR-2000 drum on a Brother printer it keeps displaying the error message “Change Drum”, you will have to reset the drum counter. This counter controls the number of pages that have been printed, so need you need to set it back to zero so the printer recognises that the new drum has been installed.  

The drum counter on a Brother DR-2000 can be easily reset by following some simple steps. The instructions you need to follow depend on you printer model, so here you have two different possibilities.

Resetting drum counter on Brother HL-2020, HL-2030, HL-2040, HL-2050 and HL-2070 printers

  • Turn the printer on
  • Open the printer cover and hold down the GO button until the LEDs are lit
  • Then release the GO button

The drum counter has now been set back to zero.

Resetting drum counter on Brother DCP-7010, DCP-7020, DCP-7025, MFC-7225, MFC-7400, MFC-7420, MFC-7820, FAX-2820, FAX-2825 and FAX-2920 printers

  • Open the front cover
  • Press Options
  • When the message “Replace drum?” appears on the screen, press 1.
  • The Word “Accepted” will appear on the screen. You can now close the printer cover.

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For more information you can read our post on how to reset the Brother DR-2200 drum counter.


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