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How to reset drum DR130CL on your Brother printer

How to reset drum DR130CL on your Brother printer

Why is it necessary to reset your printer drum? Your printer may display a drum error message even when you just replaced it by a new one, so you can easily clear this message by resetting the drum. To do this, we need to set the page counter to zero and you will be able to print up to 17000 copies again.

Step by step instructions

  • Press + or – to find Machine info.
  • Press OK and then press + or – until you find Parts Life.
  • Press OK and then press + to choose Drum Unit.
  • Press OK and then press + or – to choose the toner colour you replaced. This step might not be necessary on some printer models.
  • Press OK twice.

Please note that resetting the drum will not improve the printing quality, it will only help you clear the drum error message and let you print again. If you need to replace your Brother DR130CL, remember you can find it in our Website at the best price as well as many other Brother consumables. And if you have any questions on this product, please contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.

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