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Have you ever had any problem with the HP 88 or the HP 940 printheads?

Have you ever had any problem with the HP 88 or the HP 940 printheads?

Many HP inkjet printers have replaceable printheads, which implies that they have a concrete lifespan. This printer component is a very sensitive element, so you have to take many precautions to handle it.

Precautions that should be followed to ensure safe usage of the HP 88 or 940 printheads

The first thing to be done before installing the printhead for the first time is to shake it. Although this information is usually advised on the packaging, we would like to emphasize it because it is really important. It may be that the printhead has been stored for some time and it has accumulated sediments so, to avoid that the product clogs with the use, it is necessary to shake it well.

At the time of file printing it is advisable to not make the order of printing many sheets at a time, because the printheads can be reheated and this, in the long term, can stop your printer from working.

It is recommended to plan maintenance routines of the printer, and not just do it when defects or faults are detected. The ideal time to perform maintenance is after a season, when your printer has had a high-volume printing. For this care, it would be desirable to perform cleaning of the printheads and give it some rest for a few days.

The printer has stopped printing, or it prints blank pages

If this happens, it may be cause of the misuse of the printhead. When this occurs, it means that the vacuum chain of the printhead is broken, which is responsible for absorbing the ink cartridge when it is ejected on the paper while printing. As this vacuum is broken, the printhead cannot absorb more ink HP cartridge and it just uses the one on its inside until there is no ink left.

The fact that we have used almost-empty cartridges or printed many sheets at a time, can be a cause for this to happen.

The printer is printing stripes

When the printings are with stripes, it is very possible that it may be because dry ink residues have remained at the printhead or because air has entered. The best solution for this is to perform cleaning of the printheads and, if the error persists, perform a manual cleaning with alcohol.

The printer does not recognize the printhead and it gives an error that does not allow you to print

This is usually due to manufacturing defects of the chip, such as a wrong configuration or incompatibility with the printer. However, it may vary depending on the error message.

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