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Do you know how to measure the speed of a printer?

Do you know how to measure the speed of a printer?

When choosing which printer to purchase, we must consider different aspects like, for example, the printing speed; in other words, the number of pages per minute that a printer can print at maximum speed. The industry, in which all brands work, measures the printing speed with the traditional method ISO/IEC 24734, being this the safest system to compare the different printer’s values. 

This method ISO/IEC 24734 employs a series of standards to determine the printing speed of the different machines, using ordinary paper and different test files. All companies that use this system provide a greater guarantee to their users, since they are offered an important instrument of comparison to be able to take a decision while purchasing a new printer. 

When measuring the speed, it must be taken into account that it may vary, depending on other aspects, like the number of pages to be printed, the colour of the printing (in colour or in black and white) or the type of paper used. 

Currently, within the different types of printers on the market, laser printers have the faster print speed. This type of devices uses toner and fixation mechanisms, which enables a great speed. These printers are suitable for offices, companies or other areas where the machines will have a great workload.  

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