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Bic Cristal Original Ballpoint Pen

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Bic Cristal Original ballpoint pens are available in four colours: blue, red, black and green. The barrel of the Bic Cristal is hexagonal and allows for a comfortable grip. It's also transparent, making it easy to check the ink level. The 1 mm tip is covered by a cap and the colour of this cap matches the colour of the ink. By the way, have you ever wondered why the cap of your Bic pen has an opening at the top? It’s not about aesthetics or to prevent the Bic pen from drying out. The hole in the Bic pens serves to ensure that, in the hypothetical case that a child swallows the cap and the Bic Cristal gets stuck, at least one airway is provided to prevent the child from choking. Pretty clever, isn't it?

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