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What are the advantages of the XL cartridges?

Rosa García Comments 0
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23 Jul

What are the advantages of the XL cartridges? This type of devices of high capacity has become an alternative solution for those who use printers every day. Obviously, the use of this kind of consumables will basically depend on its use and on your printer.

XL cartridges are the ideal printing material if you have a big company, office or if you have several students at your house printing notes. On these situations, it is a good idea to buy them because, eventually, each cent per printing will be economized. The only difference between the ordinary consumables and the XL ones are the quantity of ink that they are able to contain: simple, a bigger or a smaller tank.

On the market there are many printers with the option of using these cartridges so the period between changes would be longer. This way, you won't have to worry about the ink of your printer, because it will last longer. While some contain between 6 and 12 ml of ink, depending on the manufacturer, the XL cartridges are able to contain up to 20 ml of ink. An example of this kind of XL cartridges is the HP Deskjet black nº21 XL, that can print up to 600 pages. Besides, it has a good quality on the printing.

In recent years, the sales volume of the XL cartridges has significantly increased thanks to the opportunity of printing more pages with the same cartridge. In the long run, these cartridges can mean a saving of almost a 50%. On the contrary, you shouldn’t buy XL cartridges if you don’t print very often, because the ink can dry. If you do buy them, remember to print from time to time or to make a printing proof to know the state of the cartridge and your printer.

At WebCartridge we have XL cartridges. You can take a look at our catalogue and see the prices that correspond to your printer. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

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