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Why should I trust a compatible cartridge?

Rosa García Comments 0
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17 Jul

What are the differences between an original cartridge and a compatible one? Why should I trust compatibles when buying? Not surprisingly, there is an ongoing debate on original or compatible consumables. If you trust the manufacturers, they are in favour of original cartridges, however, if you trust someone who has used this type of consumable, they will probably advise you to use compatible cartridges.

Do you know what a compatible cartridge is?

A consumable of this kind is just an ink loading that is not manufactured by the original manufacturer of your printer. Nowadays, many people trust these cartridges for their printers. Why does this happen? There are some advantages. Well, the most important ones are two:

  • cost savings thanks to its inferior price;
  • its greater respect for the environment.

This type of cartridges will play the same role as the original ones and can make us save money, up to a 75%. Besides, they have the same guarantees as the original cartridges and, because of that, they have to meet all quality control requirements.

More advantages of the compatible consumables

Even though many won’t believe it, this kind of consumables has the same level of efficiency, on terms of capacity and technology, as its direct competitors, so we can print the same pages. These compatible cartridges allow us to print with the same precision of text, the same printing speed and with other parameters that measure the qualities.

So, if we want to make a final outcome, nothing should prevent us from buying compatible cartridges. If they have the same qualities and guarantees as the original cartridges, there’s nothing to worry about. However, if you still have doubts, at WebCartridge, we have a wide catalogue of compatible cartridges for different printers and we will be thrilled to help you choose and explain why you should trust this type of consumables.

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