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How will the 3D printing change the world?

Rosa García Comments 0
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05 Jul

How will the 3D printing change the world? Is it part of the future or the present? They are some researches on this field that try to improve the product we can obtain today, and the inks used by these machines to create. Nowadays, the 3D printing is present in several areas, like fashion, gastronomy, toys or health, among other things.

In Israel there is the most important 3D printing research laboratory in the world. They study the secret formulas that will revolutionize what today we consider as innovation. The same thing happens with the 3D research centre in Holland, from where they are able to create new production and ink mechanisms.

What does the 3D printing allow us to do?

There are many things... As we have said, the health area is one of the most used fields on this technology. We can print the state of a tumour or any other disease in order to study the surgery. Many lives have been saved thanks to this. Do you know that there are some researches to print cells and human tissue to create future organs? The Health system is going to take a giant step and we will only need a few years to see it. Even L’Oréal is studying a way to end with the hair loss by bioprinting human hair follicles.

The 3D printing has already arrived on the education field. There are some schools where they teach how to use this technology and print their own creations. At a school in Barcelona, children can create and print toys and innovations projects. It is necessary to be at the vanguard of these new techniques because it will be the children who will improve and work on the 3D printing.

Fashion has already worked on this field too. Sneakers, dresses, t-shirts and accessories are some of the things that can be created with these printers. It is possible that we could print our own clothes in the future, so we won't have to carry any more suitcases. Obviously, the ink cartridges with which these creations are made have to improve a lot, but there’s no doubt that the tissues of these cartridges will evolve until they can imitate what we are used to.

Moreover, the building industry is already studying this technology. It is now possible to create houses and blocks with reusable materials. One of the initiatives we will be able to see in the future is taking place in Holland. The city of Amsterdam is building a bridge to replace one that crosses the channels. Can you imagine, that instead of a tow truck, we could see a 3D printer printing the materials used to build houses?

Lastly, let’s talk about 3D gastronomy. It is also possible to eat printed food. This option is available in a restaurant (London and Barcelona), where you can try these new and delicious dishes. So, if we accept microwaves as an electrical appliance to cook, why cannot we do it with 3D printers and edible inks?

We still have so much to see on this field. Probably, what we know today will change and we will have to learn again. Who knows if you could find ink cartridges for 3D creation at WebCartridge.

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