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Scanner or multifunction printer?

Rosa García Comments 0
Imagen de Scanner or multifunction printer?
25 Jun

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Many of you may have thought about this before buying a scanner or a multifunction printer. The truth is that the answer is very simple. Why do you need that device?

That’s the key question we need to consider before buying it. For that reason, you need to think about your pace of work, the number of digitalisations you’ll do, if you need quality or something quick and simple. To begin with, you should know that if you are going to use the digitalisation option more often, there’s no doubt, your option will be a scanner.

On the contrary, if you use the scanner only occasionally and it’s only a mere complement at home or work, you’ll need a multifunction printer

When you are buying a scanner or a multifunction printer you need to consider the number of pages that the device is able to digitalise per minute. If there’s many people at the office doing the same process, there will be queues. So, in this case, what’s best is the efficiency. We can obtain that if our device has the duplex printing function. You’ll save time and speed up your work!

It is clear that if you could have a scanner or a multifunction printer, you could use each device. Even though having those two options on the same device could mean saving time and space, if we think about precision and agility it’s a good choice to have both. By contrast, if the digitalization is a daily task for you, the scanner is your solution.

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