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The 3D printing will be able to create in situ structures at space explorations

Rosa García Comments 0
Imagen de The 3D printing will be able to create in situ structures at space explorations
09 May

Can you imagine being able to create objects in outer space? Did you know 3D printers can be useful and of great importance for the space explorations? There’s no doubt that technology makes our life easier at our planet but, what would happen if the 3D printers could do that on Mars or the Moon?

This is what they are trying to prove on the new laboratory of the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications in the United Kingdom. They work on a new project whose aim is to make the 3D printers a useful tool in the future space explorations.

In other articles we have talked about how these devices work and what they are able to print with special materials. They can print body organs, houses, architecture projects and several other objects. Now the research team of the European Space Agency (ESA) wants to go further.

Franco Ongaro, Director of Technology at ESA, claims that it will be necessary to make several tests because they need to take into account the extreme temperatures and zero-gravity conditions outside the earth’s atmosphere. What Ongaro means is that with this new technology they can build objects in space instead of carrying them there from Earth, as it has been done until now.

On the other hand, Jan Woener, ESA’s CEO, explains that Mars and the Moon have their own soil materials and that with them they can create structures in both places. The truth is that this could make the living communities projects on Mars easier. This could also create bases on the Moon for a better exploration of the area.

The European Space Agency wants to use this technology in a short term to build parts of a rocket launcher motor or habitable structures in other planets. There’s no doubt that 3D printing has a valuable potential.

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