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What should I do to recycle my old printer?

Tatiana González Comments 0
Imagen de What should I do to recycle my old printer?
20 Dec

There is a growing number of devices that give up the ghost and we do not know what to do with them. This is the case of the printers.  Over time, its technology has improved a lot and, as a result, we have been “forced” to replace all those that have become obsolete. Where do all the devices, that we no longer use, end up? Well, many of them end up in the rubbish bin, others in junk rooms or free spaces and others fell into the hands of recycling.

You must know that printers contain a lot of pollutants that damage the environment. It is for this reason that it is not the best solution to just leave them in dumping sites. We must be aware that it takes long for each component to decompose and, at the same time, that it is damaging. In fact, the damage is irreversible, and it may also affect our health.

At this point, we realise that recycling is the best option to get rid of our printers. Well, this is when the question arises, how can I recycle my printer? There are several ways to do good when we want to get rid of our device. You just have to try hard to do the right thing.

  • In many cities there are recycling programs. You can find out if there are such initiatives in your city.
  • Other option is to search for companies in your area that operate as collection centres for a further shipment to the electronic recycling centres.
  • You can also take it to centres where your obsolete printer can be restored or used as a spare part.
  • Another option that we love is the donation. Why do not you donate it to a school or an organization that could need it more? Maybe you can find a place where people cannot afford to buy one and they will appreciate it a lot.

Whatever you do with your printer, always think about recycling, because if we are not aware now of the environment, tomorrow may be too late. What is so wrong about reusing it or taking it to specific centres where people do know what to do with it? Most importantly of all is that leaving it in dumping sites is not the solution, and neither is the accumulation of junk in our homes.

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