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Do you not know how to connect the Epson Expression Home XP-205 printer via WiFi?

Tatiana González Comments 0
Imagen de Do you not know how to connect the Epson Expression Home XP-205 printer via WiFi?
08 Oct

The Epson XP-205 printer gives the option of connecting via WiFi to allow you to print from any computer, whether desktop or laptop, that is connected to the same network. 

This type of printers is very useful in an office, as once they are connected via WiFi, they are accessible to all workers. 

Below we present you all the steps you have to follow to configure the WiFi connection with the Epson XP-205 printer. Note that if your router has the WPS button, it will make you the process easier. 

The first thing to do is to turn on the printer and press the WiFi button, which you will find on the printer panel, for approximately 3 seconds.

Then press the WPS button of the router. 

Now you just have to wait a few seconds until the WiFi lights of the printer stop flashing and remain fixed. It is at this point when the printer will be connected via WiFi. 

Steps to connect the Epson Expression Home XP-205 printer via WiFi without WPS

Insert the printer installation CD into your computer. 

Then you should verify that your computer has available the WiFi option. 

Install the printer program on the computer, following all the instructions on the screen until you reach the connectivity section.

In connectivity step you should indicate the option of wireless connection and then continue following the instructions.

After having completed these steps, your Epson XP-205 printer will be correctly connected via WiFi to your computer. 

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