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About Us

We could say we are an e-commerce specialized in ink cartridge and other printing consumables, and stop there. That, however, would not be honest. Because to talk about WebCartridge is to talk, first and foremost, about the people who make this project possible. About Héctor, from the Purchasing Department; about Jessica, Rosa, Sara and Soraya, from the Customer Service and Sales Department; about David, Gergö, Miguel, Óscar and Rubén, from the Technical Support and Development Department; about Cristina, Diego and Paula, from the Marketing Department; and also about the warehouse staff, certainly, Macarena and Noemi. They all form a young, dynamic and creative team of people, with a high capacity of self-improvement driven by the demands of a sector to which we are dedicated to keep up with.

Everything began several years ago, even though the official opening was in June 2013. As printer users, we realized a shared need for many of us: to have access to quality consumables at an affordable price. The challenge was there, and we accepted it.

And thus WebCartridge was born: an e-commerce based on a clean and refined technology, whose main purpose was to allow customers to enjoy the best possible purchasing experience. In the hopes of offering this to our customers, we performed a thorough analysis of the compatible consumables market. We realized quickly that while many suppliers existed, there was a highly variable quality among them. For this reason, we decided to create our own brand: based on a careful design and an optimum quality, we only work with two factories.

Three years later, we are proud to say that we have performed more than 100.000 orders, that our consumables have reached to 100 countries and that more than 500.000 items have been delivered with our label.

But in addition to offering quality products, we optimize our services constantly to still offer the best. This is the reason why, during these years, we have increased our consumables offer according to your needs, so you always find what you are looking for, both original and compatible products; and this the reason why some time ago we decided to include a new section with stationery and computing articles, because we think they are the perfect complement for someone who is looking for printing consumables.

Our continuous quest for self-improvement also generated our company blog, because nobody knows the problems that a printer may experience as well as us. Therefore, we want to share everything we know thanks to years of proven experience. In our posts, you will access to update information, FAQs and several tips to get the most out of your printer.

By the way, if you are planning to travel to France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany or Spain, you will also find us, but this time as WebCartouche, WebTinteiro, WebPatrone or WebCartucho. But it doesn't stop there. We are currently working on other market extensions, along with new projects. We firmly believe that with a creative, interdisciplinary and effervescent team, any project is possible. Will you accompany us?